Docendo discimus (Latin "by teaching, we learn")
Proverbs 4:5-9

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This is an evolving collection of notes, observations, and opinions.

Trying, here.



Papers / Presentations

Information Security Learning Resources (Microsoft Word Online Document)

Contains over forty pages of Information Security Resources for reference or to use as a curriculum for self-learning. Continuously updated.


Bitbucket Repository


Plasma TV Break-In v120.1 (83KB)

Unzip to a USB drive (or burn to CD/DVD) and run as a slideshow on a plasma television. Using these files periodically on old displays may have a positive effect on longetivity.

My RSS Feed (7KB)

Mostly security related with added Twitter feeds of trusted professionals. Import into your favorite RSS reader.


Security Engineering

Programming / Scripting

Public Speaking

My Lab


Background Noise

Generate white noise which may help you concentrate on the task at hand.



Inland Professional 480GB SSD


Useful Tools

Nuitka - Very cool Python compiler.

xonsh - Very cool Python shell.

busybox-w32 - BusyBox for Windows.

cmder - Windows console emulator

coggle - Online diagramming application.

anki - Create flash cards.

explain shell - Visually explains shell commands.

shellcheck - Simple online "debugger" for shell scripts.

Diceware password generator - More about Diceware

showterm - Record the terminal and upload for presentation/training.

asciinema - Another terminal recorder.

pyenv - Easy way to run multiple Python interpreters on a single machine.

tcc - Tiny C Compiler. Small, portable, simple C compiler.

vlc - Excellent media player.

duck duck go - Search engine with privacy by default. - Cool online diagram/chart tool.

Analog Expressions - Feeding the fountain pen habit.
Nooder's Pens and Ink