Theology Notes

biblicist ‎(plural biblicists)
1. a Biblical scholar or expert.
2. one who interprets the Bible literally.

Recommended Authors and Speakers

Dr. John Whitcomb - Homepage
Books: The Genesis Flood, The Early Earth, Our Created Moon

Renald Showers - Homepage
Books: The Foundations of Faith, What On Earth Is God Doing?, The New Nature

Dr. Alva J. McClain - Homepage
Books: Romans: The Gospel of God's Grace, The Greatness of the Kingdom

Dr. Vance Havner - Homepage

Pastor Richard Krenz - Homepage
Sermons: Playlist

Pastor John Nuce - Homepage
Sermons: Playlist

David Needham - Homepage
Books: Birthright

Recommended sites

Living Hope Church

The Biblicist
This is an archived copy of a wonderful site called The Biblicist. The site went down sometime between February and April of 2012 never to return. This is a relatively complete copy from I do not claim copyright or ownership over any of the content. Please contact me with issues.

Additional books and papers

Systematic Theology Course - John Fok
(Note: I saved this some years ago from a now defunct website; please contact me if this is breaking copyright)