Docendo discimus (Latin "by teaching, we learn")
Proverbs 4:5-9

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This is an evolving collection of notes and perspective.

Contact details

@chrisgoff on wire


Emergency Vehicle Kit 

Converting an FCC ULS Database to SQL

Gitea On Fedora Linux With Podman

Power Things With Power Tool Batteries

Quansheng UV-K5 Radio

Simple Sublime Text 4 Cheat Sheet

TreasuryDirect Virtual Keyboard Remover

Raspberry Pi Hardening Guide

ZeroTier for a Reliable and Private Security Monitoring Network

Inland Professional 480GB SSD

K-Type Keyboard Adventures

Portable Python for Windows

OnlyKey Thoughts

Mikrotik Packet Sniffer to Security Onion

Install pyenv on MacOS 10.14.3

Philips 'Carousel' still cool after 10 years


GitLab Profile

uls2sqlite - Convert an FCC ULS database to SQLite.

Software Defined Radio - Frequency lists, tools, and more.

UserScripts - Small collection of UserScripts I've created.

Raspberry Pi Hardening - Security hardened configuration files and scripts for the Raspberry Pi.

LogRhythm Tools - Various tools for the LogRhythm SIEM including custom MPE rules and Smart Reponse plug-ins.


Security Engineering

Software Defined Radio

Programming / Scripting

My Lab




Plasma TV Break-In v120.1 (83KB)

Unzip to a USB drive (or burn to CD/DVD) and run as a slideshow on a plasma television. Using these files periodically on old displays may have a positive effect on longetivity.

Magpul Dot Matrix Diagram (648KB)

Created by Magpul as an easy to use dot matrix diagram to help guide paint pen marking of their products.

Useful Tools

Mermaid - Generate diagrams.

JSON Crack - JSON structure to visual graph.

Regex Vis - Visualize Regular Expressions.

redbean - Portable webserver from a ZIP file.

Blinkenlights - Virtual machine that runs x86-64-linux programs on different operating systems and hardware architectures.

Thonny - Neat little IDE for Python.

Nuitka - Very cool Python compiler.

xonsh - Very cool Python shell.

busybox-w32 - BusyBox for Windows.

coggle - Online diagramming application.

anki - Create flash cards.

explain shell - Visually explains shell commands.

shellcheck - Simple online "debugger" for shell scripts.

Diceware password generator - More about Diceware

asciinema - Another terminal recorder.

pyenv - Easy way to run multiple Python interpreters on a single machine. - Cool online diagram/chart tool.

Sublime Text - Superb text editor.

Sublime Merge - Git from the makers of Sublime Text.

Pop Shell - Slick Gnome extension which enables tiling.

AquaSnap - Excellent tiling window manager.

TidyTabs - Cool tabbed window manager.

Alacritty - Great terminal emulator. - Great sounds for concentration.

Coffitivity - Emulates sounds of being in places such as a coffee shop.

Recommended Fonts

terminus (TTF) - My all-time favorite font; crisp and clear for any task.

terminal vector

IBM PC fonts

losevka - Excellent clean programming font.

Analog Expressions - Feeding the fountain pen habit.
Nooder's Pens and Ink

“Professionals built the Titanic. Amateurs built the ark.”
- Richard J. Needham